Eywa Light (Xwave Eywa Line)

Xwave Eywa Light (Xwave Eywa Line)


Eywa Light is our thinnest vibration damping material, specifically designed to fit into smallest spaces and for thin metal parts of the car such as roof and doors. A new generation butyl based material with self-adhesive glue layer, using an innovative mastic formula it features a higher vibration-damping characteristics.


The material has excellent flexibility which allows it to be used on complex surfaces while providing the highest vibration damping properties. The material is waterproof and insures good defence against corrosion preventing any water and oxygen from coming in contact with chassis. Added mineral fillers assure safety for human health and environment. The material does not contain any hazardous substances such as heavy metals, freon or active radicals.


Eyva light: Used for Roof, doors
The material must be installed on a dry, clean painted metal surface. Temperature in workroom must be 18-30°С. Remove anti-adhesive paper and is press the material carefully to metal surface, avoiding formation of air bubbles underneath. Do not install material on dirty or corroded metal surfaces.


Products stored in a room at a temperature no higher than +40°C in the horizontal position on a flat surface at a distance of not less than 1 meter from the heating system in the conditions excluding moisture, oils and direct sunlight, stacked no more than 1 meter in height.

• Material: Damping_IS

• Thickness 1,6 mm

• Foil thikness 60 mKm

• Package 12SH 50*75 cm triple folded

• Area 4.5 sq.m

• Foil with grafic printing

• Pack Dimension: 52.0*28.5*6.5 cm

• Fire risk, burning rate (mm/min, max) Non-flammable 100

• Durability of connection between the material and the metal surface during flaking-off (N/cm, min) 6

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