icon-truck Experience in distribution

The leadership of our company has over nearly 30 years of distribution business experience in various fields, we know the many quirks and problems arising with distribution.
We have successfully overcome such issues many times before in our past and we’d like to bring that expertise to assist you with your business as well.

icon-tool Experience in installation

We have a large amount of experience not just in distribution field but also in installation of our products – we have closely worked with installers previously and we have actually spent some time ourselves to get our hands dirty and get the understanding of what it is like to install the products ourselves.

icon-gear Experience in creating optimised complex solutions

Customers don’t want mediocre results – they want the best they can get for their money. Your customers are just the same! We have taken the time to collect the knowledge from the installers and dealers from around the world and created complex solutions that can offer the highest benefits for your customers. We can offer you these solutions along with training programmes to help you gain that extra competitive edge.

icon-earphone High quality of client service

We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers are precious – we value you and your requests. We take special care to ensure that shipments are on time and on track, we will assist you in product selection and any product information you will be needing to make the decisions.

icon-cubes High quality of materials

Your customers do not want low quality products and we understand that, this is why we have taken our time to rigorously test all our products to ensure that not only do they provide the expected quality and results but to ensure they are non-toxic and do not harm human health.